Dennis Saunders: Diamonds

Dennis Saunders ReviewDennis Saunders shines with his 2001 release “Diamonds.” We’re first introduced to the record with “All of My Love.” It quickly takes us back to the beginning days of R&B, the ‘70s, when it was going from the days of DooWop and into something more modern. “Can We (Start All Over)” does the same thing. It transports you and also moves you with a stunning and strong vocal performance. You can hear every inch of Saunders’ soul in that one. With “Think of Me” you could hear him singing this alongside a young Diana Ross and slaying it. Lastly, “Diamonds (I’ll Give You)” you’re taken over with the love. It’s a sweet and sentimental note to end on. All in all Dennis Saunders’ “Diamonds” is a great R&B throwback. It will resonate well with those who find themselves engulfed in Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson. If that’s you, check out “Diamonds,” out now. (