Dennis Soloman King Released New Single “I’m American” 

New Adult Contemporary Pop-Rock Music Available Now 


Los Angeles, California – June 23, 2020 – Those in search of the next best American bipartisan, patriotic pop-rock track are in luck because Dennis Soloman King has delivered it. “I’m American” is available now on all major music and streaming sites. 

“I’m American” didn’t come easy for Dennis Soloman King. The tune was something born from a riff. The riff soon banded together with a drum backtrack. Those two bonded over time as the lyrics continued to escape the seasoned songwriter. That is until one day when he was on the 101 with his daughter. They’d probably listened to that song a thousand times by then when King started to sing the words that would eventually be the main chorus the rest of the song was built around. His daughter was relieved, and King was inspired, and from there King found himself working alongside Greg Hilfman, who helped mix the track and guided it towards the final, upbeat sound it has today. “I’m American” is the lead single from an upcoming release of King’s work. 

David Soloman King is a self-taught musician who picked up the guitar early in life, inheriting the skills from his own father. He has played on and off for the past 40 decades, spending his days in the IT realm and his free time with his music. He loves to write with the world in mind and strives to pen inspirational and catchy riffs people from all walks of life can enjoy. 

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