Dici Drops “Five Rings” Single

One of the most sensational Rappers in music, today, Dici has released has new single in anticipation of his forthcoming EP, Doses. “Five Rings” is a somewhat uncharacteristically, melodic piece from Dici. He shows a completely different side of himself, and momentarily steps outside of his typically brash persona. Being at such a pivotal age, Dici is experiencing changes and alterations at a dizzying pace, and his work is now reflecting that. Not to get too far ahead of ourselves, but it will be interesting to see how Dici progresses in the coming years, if he continues to pursue a path an artist/performer.

Dici wears many hats, including, producer and entrepreneur. He’s been a self starter, from an early age, as well as speaking three different languages. While most his age, haven’t accrued a wealth of life experience, Dici is a bit different in that he is globally traveled and seems to have an advanced sense of ambition. His look is beyond marketable, while also being enormously unique. In short, you really have to experience Dici to fully grasp exactly how unusual, he is, and “Five Rings” is a good place to start.

Five Rings Five Rings/I Sing I Sing/I’m in the sky/I fly away. The lyric, I sing, is as literal as it gets, as Dici does just that, for what is possibly the first time to be on record. It’s odd to hear, initially, if you are familiar with the Rapper’s previous work. If you are, it will be hard to get used to this version of Dici, but eventually the chorus really grows on you. The verses, however, are vintage Dici, though sans any vulgarity, which is a nice deduction.

A well-tuned piano scale, opens up the track, which is slightly reminiscent of a Fitz and The Tantrums piece. The chorus itself is not as well mixed as you would hope, but it does allow you to focus on Dici’s vocal, and more importantly, the stylings. It isn’t seamless, but it’s possible, Dici was aiming for emotion over gloss. It’s well known, that Dici has a very hands on approach in everything he does. It has been to his benefit to afford himself such autonomy, throughout his relatively short career, and he should be lauded for taking a risk, here.

“Five Rings,” does a fantastic job of creating anticipation for, Doses. As a single, it gives us the impression that we are in for something, entirely different from Dici, on this record. Well, maybe not entirely, but certainly a step into new and uncharted territory, for the talented young composer. In Dici’s case, there is still so much blank space on the canvas, and he is showing the signs of filling it in, with unexpected variations of color. The future is one in which Dici holds the potential to create the type of music that you won’t see coming, but eventually, glad that he did.

Zachary Rush