Dino Jag

Dino JagAs someone who has been performing since the age of 13, Jag knows what people will move and groove to on the dance floor which is why his cover hit number 8 on the Australian charts and 34 in Denmark.
Even though his music is mostly upbeat in nature, Jag revealed a soft and deeper side with the single ‘Calling All Saints (S.O.S. Haiti)’ which highlights the earthquake in Haiti and encourages people to donate to the country with a purchase of the song. Not only do the lyrics and ambiance highlight the struggle that people are going through in Haiti, but the song also encourages listeners to realize that people in Haiti are still dealing with the aftermath of the earthquake today.

Jag’s music is fun, lighthearted and suitable on the dance floor or playing in the car on the way to work. Even though Jag’s music is mostly funk in nature, there are several acoustic tracks that are of worthy note including ‘Dream Another Day’ and ‘You’re the One.’ His vocals vocals have soul, reminiscent of Adam Levine of Maroon 5. Even though artists should not be compared to other artists, the comparison is suitable so American fans can get a sense of what this artist sounds like. Because of the stilted nature of the music industry, international artists like Dino Jag do not always make it to the states. Fans of Maroon 5, along with fans of old and new school funk will enjoy Jag’s musical talents. His music is upbeat and can play on just about any radio around the world. To learn more about Dino Jag, visit his website at: https://www.dinojag.com/.