A Primitive Evolution

A Primitive EvolutionEven though there has been more emphasis on the electric guitar within alternative music, this band has proven that acoustics can play a more prominent role in alternative while still rocking out at the same time. A Primitive Evolution explores the more soft and emotional underbelly of the alternative music scene. While alternative bands like Seether have taken alternative music in a harder direction, A Primitive Evolution has managed to make a lasting imprint with a softer side of alternative rock.
With that being said, this still does not hold the band back from delving into the heavier aspect of alternative music. Alternative fans not so fond of acoustics should also check out their album A.P.E. This album is more hard rock in nature. A Primitive Evolution can appeal to fans of Nirvana unplugged acoustics and the ear-ringing nihilistic signature that came to define the alternative genre. The song Still Waiting is one of the best examples that this album has to offer. The band brings alternative music to the post-modern era, and they carved out a sense of uniqueness within the genre. To learn more about this band, visit their website at: https://aprimitiveevolution.com/fr_aprimitiveevolution.