Grant Lyle

Grant LyleGrant Lyle comes from Ontario, Canada, and he has reached has an international audience from his home country all the way to Spain. His vocals are a signature trait in each of his songs, but he manages to play the guitar with range which is why he has won over many fans around the world. His brand of music can be described as easy-going and contemporary, but fresh, original and outgoing. The music he plays would fit well in clubs or in CD players.
The track Trouble Blues is an instrumental song, heavily steeped in bluesy guitars. The song So There makes nice use of the acoustic guitar and harmonics. Lyle has received commercial attention around the world which shows that music is international and can break down both language and cultural barriers. The vocals and guitar all evoke a long lost tradition in blues, and Lyle does his part in resurrecting the art form. He excels in the amp guitar along with acoustics. His focus on the guitar and vocals allows him to sing what is on his heart and soul. Fans of blues, southern rock and contemporary music will enjoy Lyle’s style and flavor. For more information on Grant Lyle, visit: