Marla Mase

Marla MaseSimply mentioning these genres only limits this artist because she experiments with other forms of music as well. On the surface, these genres may seem drastically different from each other, but it makes perfect sense to combine all of these musical traditions. Spoken word is able to tie all of these genres together because punk and reggae have been used to express personal, political and poetic sentiments. The inclusion of such diverse genres in her music shows that this artist flocks towards any form of music that allows her poetic sprit to thrive. At a time when the mainstream music business has become so obsessed with genres and labels, it is refreshing to see an artist who is willing to take a more daring approach in music and say what is on her mind and heart.
Her music will attract many fans who enjoy differing musical genres, and those who listen to her music will be exposed to new types of music that they otherwise would not have listened to before. Mase also exposes her listeners to the spoken word community which may encourage her fans to visit clubs that host poetry nights. Her album Speak Deluxe will be rereleased on February 28th, including six new tracks. The new songs are well worth the buy, even for those who have the original 2010 version. Piece of Peace is a good example of rock inspiration while AnnaRexia is more reggae focused. Her tracks are able to focus on reggae or rock while being able to mix these genres in other songs which is not easy feat to accomplish. Fans of spoken word along with fans of rock, punk and soul will come to love what this artist has to offer. Props should also be given to the band for the deep and rhythmic guitar, bass, violin and computer samples. For more information on Marla Mase, visit: