Doing it All From School To Music Londyn Is A Great Additiong To Music

Doing it All From School To Music Londyn Is A Great Additiong To MusicWatch our Alicia Keys and Beyonce we have a new songstress ready to take your spot in the RnB game. Londyn is no stranger to music as she grew up with it and would assist her mother in leading Sunday Morning Worship. As she grew older or more specifically at the age of 9 her passion for music grew and she began to take piano and vocal lessons. Currently, she is attending Kent State University as a Music/Business major in hopes of advancing her music career.

She is too busy with school to release an album or anything but she has given us a single “The Way You Make Me Feel.” The layered vocals and violin echo silently in the background as her strong soulful voice takes control of the song. The delayed drum beats play out strangely making it sound as if its coming from all the place fitting into the song perfectly. The song was beautifully put together and is too short for my liking, it should be longer! I want to hear a powerful bridge where she belts out excellent vocal ranges like her Alicia Keys and Ray Charles but I guess we’ll have to wait till she has more time.

As for now all the music and information here should be good enough. She plays local shows quite often so don’t miss out!