Dr. Ellis D.j. Has the Prescription for Beats

Dr. Ellis D.j. Has the Prescription for BeatsDr. Ellis D.j. comes straight to you from Eugene in the US. He creates sounds that can only be compared to a club scene mixes with an encounter with space. That being said, I’ll introduce you to “Bass For My Face” which sounds exactly like what was just written; a night out at the club that is interrupted by UFOs. This actually sounds cool if you’re a club kid looking for something new. That’s not all Dr. Ellis D.j. can do though, he can drop the bass with songs like “Feel It!” That sounds more like a command than anything else, so you better feel it. If you’re a Macklemore fan though, you’re in luck because Dr. Ellis D.j. has spent a great deal of time remixing some of his best tracks including “Hold Ya Head Up” and the inescapable “Thrift Shop” which Dr. Ellis D.j. has given a dubstep makeover. He even takes the time to redo a Lil Wayne joint, “I Got Em.” It’s not all remixes though as this music man gives you a triptastic ride with “Tribute to Leary” and a sound wave adventure with “Journey Through Time.” If you are into things like EDC, then you should keep an eye and ear out for Dr. Ellis D.j. (https://soundcloud.com/dr-ellis-d-j)