Tommy Mauro and Bad Credit Cover All The Bases

Tommy Mauro and Bad Credit Cover All The BasesTommy Mauro & Bad Credit say they’re “alternative rock and folk rock written from the soul.” They’re right. There’s this old spirit about “Sandman” with its twang but the distant vocals give it this alternative rock feel. It sounds like what you’d hear if you were stranded in the middle of the desert and started hallucinating. Apparently they titled that one just right. “Random Chant” sounds like something you’d hear at Woodstock. It’s very trippy and again, those vocals almost sound like echoes in a cave you can’t help but be curious to explore. It’s a bit Soundgarden if you will. Things take a sentimental turn with “Nuff Said God Bless Andrea.” The rock isn’t there, but the heart and soul is. The rock creeps back in with “Creation” and sticks around until “All Those Genre’s” final note. If you find yourself on the AM dials of your car radio and stumble upon those stations that cater to blues, folk and good ol’ fashioned rock and roll, then you’re going to dig what Tommy Mauro & Bad Credit have going on. (