Gem and Kemtitan Get the Funk Down

Gem and Kemtitan Get the Funk DownGem & Kemtitan have been heavily inspired by the sounds and ways of Earth Wind and Fire and bring that idea of a R&B and funk blend into the new millennium. Songs like “Aa Cyn Chun” have a heavy R&B base, as does “Why Keep Trying.” While “Ma Journey” escapes the others since it’s a slow dance track that verges on sexy, but not in a drastic way — in a mature, classy way. “2 B Free” is like Gem & Kemtitan’s take on Neosoul. The female vocals really give the overall tone a Jill Scott feel. Being in California, you wonder where the inspiration for the upbeat ways of “33 Degrees” came from. It’s the most modern sounding track on the record, something both younger and older generations could get down to at a family gathering. Well those who appreciate EWF that is. If you’re into funk, R&B and soul music, then you have to do yourself a favor and check out Gem & Kemtitan. (