Joshua Appling Proves He Can Do It All

Joshua Appling Proves He Can Do It AllJoshua Appling from Canton, Ohio now lives in Austin, TX and is taking advantage of their healthy music scene with his eclectic musical abilities. “In Nubibus” shows off what he can do with instruments in hand. We get to hear what he can do vocally as he tells a chilling tale with “The Hunt II.” He even tosses in some Spanish in there. We have no clue what he is saying, but it sounds good! This isn’t a cover of that Plain White T’s song that wouldn’t go away, it’s all Joshua Appling in this ode to a girl named “Delilah.” The R&B force is strong with this one. Again, not a cover. This time “Red” captures the piano perfectly as Joshua delivers an excellent vocal performance. The most radio ready is “Dismissed.” Its clean lines through and through paired with the catch pop undertones make for an easy and enjoyable listen. Take the title of “Go” literally and go check out Joshua Appling if you’re into artists who can tackle multiple genres and tackle them well. (