Martin R. Howell Folks the Punk Out of Rock

Martin R. Howell is a punk who dabbles in the ways of folk. “Lover or a Psycho” is a love song that doesn’t really sound like one at first. It’s got this very interesting vocal performance that’s definitely unique. It’s quite the doozy, but “Shania Twain Left Mutt Lange (For Me)” has to be one of the best from Howell. It’s not every day you get this fan boy mentality put to song. With “Space Adventure 1.0” the mood goes from quirky folk to just plain quirky as electronic sounds are dispersed throughout. Never mind what was said about “Shania,” it is “Rock’n’Roll Ain’t Perfect” works on all levels. The music, the storytelling and the music all align just right. Martin R. Howell gets a little dark with “Blame It On the East End” while he then goes back to the quirk he’s etched out as his own with “She’s Gotz To Do Porn.” To say it’s a boring ride with Martin R. Howell would be a total lie. You just never know what you’re going to get when you hit play with this guy. If you like folk rock that has a punk base, check out Martin R. Howell today. (