Tristan Jackson’s Popping Ways

Tristan Jackson is a Canadian pop artist who’s definitely got what it takes to take his show from his homeland to the rest of the world. When you go to create a good pop song, you have to really pay attention to the hook and that’s where “EarthQuake” succeeds. It’s got this mature pop feel, but still has a very fun undertone. Tristan strips down a bit for a more sensitive track that still has an upbeat feel, “Gone.” It’s a mid-tempo ditty that really showcases his vocals well. “Save The World Tonight” does more or less the same as “Gone,” only has a bigger meaning as it’s more a universal feeling that so many can connect to. Wrapping up our time with Tristan you get the very sweet sounds of “Antigravity.” You could imagine this one coming straight to you through artists that reign supreme on the teen scene due to how cute it sounds. All in all Tristan Jackson has a very well polished pop sound that fans of Top 40 should check out. (