Jazz It Up with Mikael

Mikael ReviewHear that jazz flavor coming out of West Palm Beach, Florida? Well you might be hearing Mikael. “Smooth Love” is simple in the lyrics department, but has very well, smooth sounds when it comes to the music. It’s got a sense of laid back romance. “By The Way” follows that same format – very little lyrics and letting the music guide the listener from point A to point B. Only this time around, it was a livelier affair. What’s to be loved about “NuGrape” is the mood it creates – cool. With so much attention to musical detail, you can paint an entire landscape with what Mikael creates with sound. The title may give off a hip hop feel, but “MoBetter” is pure metropolitan night life inspired. This is the kind of music put together adults listen to not only in their own time, but when they go out for entertainment. If you like the ways of smooth jazz, check out Mikael today. (https://www.reverbnation.com/mikaelman)

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    Love your music Mikael. Wishing you all the best and much success in all you do.

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