Emcee D Unknoen Gets Unique

Emcee D Unknoen ReviewEmcee D Unknoen stands out in a crowd of electronic artists, that’s for sure. It doesn’t sound like it at first, but there is a lot going on in “1st Anthem.” You have this obvious club feel, but a dark and twisted club and in between all that you have little inclinations of the theater with dramatic piano effects; interesting to say the least. “X Philes Major” has a scene from “X-Files” with little parts Emcee D Unknoen has tossed in to make it his own. Then it gets more into the music as it goes on. Sci-fi meets music. The rightfully titled “Smoothe” is just that and at times a little too smooth. You’re sitting there waiting for the action, but it just keeps sailing slow and steady. “Gully Street Vipers” steps up the energy, but it comes with a feel of fear. There’s something slightly menacing about this ones whole vibe. It gets even more interesting with “Attract The House Party.” That one has a eerie atmosphere as well. Emcee D Unknoen’s music can be summed up as unique electronica. So if you like your beats a little obscure, check out Emcee D Unknoen. (https://soundcloud.com/emcee-d-unknoen)