Frank “Hoo” Ever” Fitzgerald: “Debbie/Smokey & Candy”

Frank Hoo Ever Fitzgerald ReviewFrank “Hoo” Ever” Fitzgerald is an artist that’s part of an eclectic bunch on Devine Records and experiments well with intertwining multiple items to create a sound that’s truly his own. There’s a lot going on with “Debbie/Smokey & Candy.” It has this ’70s heading into the ’80s feel to it as the American Bandstand live elements that play into a more modern feel. There’s the shout out to Smokey Robinson throughout like a remix that plays over a classic sounding R&B beat. It’s quite the construction of sounds and musical styles but in the end it all works out for Frank “Hoo” Ever” Fitzgerald. The bottom line is that if you’re into upbeat R&B, check out Frank “Hoo” Ever” Fitzgerald today. (