Anthony Upchurch Tickles the Ivory

Anthony Upchurch ReviewAnthony Upchurch is a young musician who crafts well-made takes on the world with ivory at his fingertips. “Gladys’ Garden” captures nature through the soft piano driven track that incoporates natural earth sounds as well. Then with “Broken IV,” which sounds like a night out in the far, far future in the city. A night out that has little excitement, but a lot of adventure. Right when you think that Anthony Upchurch is all about keeping it calm, in walks in “Strings” to liven up the situation. That vibe continues on with “Breakdown,” a very lively track that brings the party. Lastly, “The Alchemist” slows things back down to wrap up the experience right where we started, but then surprise! There’s a secret hiding in this one that’s worth the wait. If you like instrumental music that’s piano based and can be as soft as the morning dew or as energetic as a city landscape, check out Anthony Upchurch now. (