Dynamic and Innovative Pop and World Music Fusions: Multi-genre Sensation Prince Kenji STM Releases New EP

With his magnetic and melodious EPs “Betrayed” and “Whatever You Do, Don’t Listen To This”, rising artist Prince Kenji STM is soaring through the charts, to establish his peerless and enlivening musical identity.

Fort Wayne, Indiana – May 4th, 2021 – Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Prince Kenji STM is a true sensation in the buzzing and electric world of Pop and World music. Imbued with a distinguished and unique mix of R&B vibes and Pop music, the budding singer is set to take the music industry by storm. Showcasing sheer brilliance in songwriting, Prince Kenji STM stands out from the crowd, with his powerful vocals which are both memorable and enthralling.

Having recently unveiled a stunning EP titled “Whatever You Do, Don’t Listen To This”, the rising star has shown the world all the many talents in music that he has to offer. Intricately weaving together hip and groovy beats with hard-hitting and authentic songwriting, the artist is swiftly making a name for himself in the fast-paced and dynamic world of Pop and World music. With enriching and electric singles such as “David Ruffian” and “Party”, Prince Kenji STM presents a series of stunning anthems for the world to sing along to, fully immersing themselves in his musical dimension.

“Whatever You Do, Don’t Listen To This” is coupled with Prince Kenji STM’s riveting second EP titled “Betrayed”, which he put out recently in 2021. With his mesmerizing and seamless variations between numerous genres, Prince Kenji STM’s music is an amalgamation of distinct vocals and unique musical production, culminating into a rich musical experience. The most distinct and unique aspect of the artist’s new EPs is his genre versatility and empowering vocal variations.

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Cary Mayfield, better known by his artistic name Prince Kenji STM (Superman The Martian) was born in 1992. Always inspired by the burning power of music, the talented artist began independently writing and producing musical compositions, in the varied genres of Pop and World music. By using his unparalleled vocal prowess, marked by variations in voice, styles and delivery, Prince Kenji STM has continued to grow. Today, the artist is motivated then ever to keep crafting singles that are exciting, unique and memorable.



Name: Prince Kenji STM
Phone Number: (330)-550-2641
Email: [email protected]



Website https://linktr.ee/princekenjistm
Facebook http://Facebook.com/princekenjistm
Instagram http://instagram.com/princekenjistm
Twitter http://Twitter.com/imsoSuperman
YouTube https://youtube.com/user/SupermantheMartian
Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/6R0wDSpSfEooAEuhi2cbFF?si=eGPP-bjnThKSToa06MaW9Q&dl_branch=1