Earle Smooth’s A Sound Machine

Graphic of a digital sound on black bottomEarle Smooth has a lot going on in his cascade of sounds. “Play The Fool” is the beat that won’t stop. It’s over six minutes of movement. “When You Walk That Way” kind of follows the same pattern as the last, only cuts the time in half. “Honey Honey” picks things up and gets a little funky with it. Then you have “Esquiste Love” and that one is an upbeat ditty that really allows for listeners to move in a good manner to. There’s something sweet about “You Don’t Even Know My Name” and that’s probably due to the ivory tinkling throughout. Then there’s some Latin flare to “Touch That Body” that makes that one sound alive. With Earle Smooth you get an array of sounds and beats that really make you wonder what goes on in his mind. There are just so many different aspects going on. So if you like constant change, check out Earle Smooth’s music today. (https://soundcloud.com/earle-smooth)