Hailey Smith AKA Harpist for the King’s Angelic Ways

Hailey Smith ReviewHailey Smith AKA Harpist for the King is an artist who takes newcomers to the harp in and never lets them go. To be honest I’ve never heard actual music on the harp, so this one interesting. I’ve seen and heard it played in movies, but for a second or so – never a whole song. “A Thousand Years on the Harp” was as angelic as those short scenes presented. There’s something calming about this stringed instrument that’s self-explanatory in one full listen. “Canon in D” has a softer approach. I know, it’s all soft, but the tone of this one’s a bit more somber. Then a classic done in her own way, Hailey transforms “Ode to Joy” on her harp beautifully. Rounding it out is “The Haven of Rest” and this one just sparkles with life the whole way through. The range of what she can do on her harp is a good time. So check out Hailey Smith today if you want a magical, musical time. (https://www.harpistfortheking.com/)