EB3 Manages to Pop In the Best Way Possible

EB3 Manages to Pop In the Best Way PossibleEB3 can sing, dance, write and rap. He’s a jack of all trades that’s ready to pop. “The ComeUpp” sounds low, whatever words there are they are continuously lost under the stacks of sounds coming out above them. It’s hard to really grasp what genre EB3’s music is with that one but it’s clearer as “Basically Bomb” begins. He’s basically like the male Ciara in that he creates music that’s full of sex appeal, ready for the club and ready to make its way to the airwaves as soon as it can. He’ll make it clap with “I’m So Ebthreezy” and make many senses tingle with the delicious ways of “Ice Cream & Martians.” The music is R&B but has enough energy and youth in it that it pops. You can hear that in the inspiring words in “Stay Strong, Believe & Follow Your Dreams” and the energetic mindset of “All About Me.” If you’ve found yourself wanting a pop star that is like a mix of Chris Brown and Ciara, look no further — EB3 is here. (https://www.reverbnation.com/theprojectcelebrity)