Beat It Beats the Competition

Beat It Beats the CompetitionBeat It Music creates music that’ll make your inner Mario bounce. “South Florida Block Party” just sounds like something you’d hear in an extreme sports video game; SSTricky for example. The energy is there, but not distracting. While that song seemed a perfect pit for gamers, “Better Than Yesterday” is one of those songs that go well with a club setting. It’s one to start the night with because it’s not too overwhelming but at the same time has enough power to get things going. We’re back to playing games with “Disco Boy.” The random effects are like power ups being unlocked. When listening to Beat It Music you can’t help but feel happy. The music is never dismal and the bonus points are never ending — well the additives in the songs. That’s until you get to “Blew Me Away,” which has a little bit of a darker atmosphere, but not much. If you’re into electronic music that doesn’t play games when it comes to creating an audible realm made for them, check out Beat It Music. (