Ray Hopper and His Classic Country Ways

Ray Hopper and His Classic Country WaysRay Hopper is a country boy who sings what he sees and doesn’t hold back. Classic country reigns supreme when the chords of “When I’m Yours And You Are Mine” begin and the heartfelt cowboy starts singing his sentiments. Another love song comes strong like the “Crack Of Dawn.” You can see the scene painted like a museum piece in the old west as each song begins and ends. “Only Hurts More When It Burns Awhile” a country tune that’s about the reality of the truth; from the honesty in “Today Never Goes, Tomorrow Never Comes” to the somber tone of “I Wish I Had All Her Love.” All the ranges of the human experience are captured but Ray Hopper in his timeless Country sound. The love of a mother in “Mother’s Remember” and the one’s that spell it out for you like “Laying Here In My Sorrow.” Ray Hopper sees life and tells the tales that he experiences or comes across, like a true country artist does. If you’re a fan of classic country, the kind that’s pure to the core with some twang, then check out Ray Hopper. (https://www.hoppervalleymusic.com/index.html)