Ed Robinson Creates Musical Escapes

Ed Robinson ReviewEd Robinson is a musician with a career that spans over two decades and his professionalism shines bright. “Knockin on Heaven’s Door” is a song you put on and get lost in. It’s well sung and made so that you’re never questioning anything – you’re just letting it flow from your speaker, through you and out into the world. With “Follow My Heart” you get another song like the last. Robinson sure knows how to perform in a way that makes you forget your worries in an instant. “If Only for One Nite” is another love song like that last and instead of handling like a reggae track, it has more soul and R&B influences. It’s a nice change up and showcases Ed’s versatility. If you’re a fan of Reggae and soul, check out all Ed Robinson has to offer today. (https://edrobinsonmusic.com/Site/Welcome.html)