Ian Loche Rocks From Tennessee

Ian Loche ReviewIan Loche comes to you from the east side of Tennessee. Named after a whiskey, this guy’s music tastes just as good. Looking at Loche you had to assume that “Sock Et 2 Me” was going to have some rocking elements to it and right off the bat it did. It’s like early ’90s rock ala Guns N’ Roses. With “Got Faith” you still have that feel but a little more singing involved. “Energy Never Dies” slows things down in a Soundgarden way, while “Rat Race (Part 1)” and “Rat Race (Part 2)” round out Ian Loche’s sound by taking one idea and putting it out there in two very different ways. If you’re a fan of rock that has a little edge to it, check out Ian Loche now. (https://www.ianlocheproject.com/)