Mary Fakhoury and Her Multiple Hats

Mary Fakhoury and Her Multiple HatsMary Fakhoury wears a lot of hats but the one we’re going to focus on is the one she wears when she steps behind the mic. “Beautiful with You” is a pop rock song that sounds like it could’ve been on an early Avirl Lavigne album. Then you have “Burn,” which is a bit more somber at the start but perks up once it gets down to business on the music end of things. “Watch Me Fly” sounds like a completely different artist. This song showcases a sense of maturity in her vocals and the storyline of the lyrics. That same tone can also be heard in “Living with the Lights Out.” Even when she’s singing, Mary Fakhoury continues to wear a variety of hats. One is that of a playful pop rock artist and the other is a more adult contemporary vocalist along the lines of Kelly Clarkson. Regardless, if you’re into pop music, check out Mary Fakhoury. (