Mikayla Rose Pops Them Covers

Mikayla Rose Pops Them CoversMikayla Rose is a singer who takes on the hits of today and does them her way. “Say Something” is an acoustic cover that showcases the sultry tones of Mikayla Rose’s voice. Amy Whinehouse was a powerhouse and it takes guts to take on anything that ever went on one of her records. Mikayla Rose tries her hand at “Back to Black” does a pretty good job doing so. This one was near and dear to my personal heart because I love Katy Perry, but she did a good job doing the pop song over her way. Another cover that she did, but kept a little closer to the original was “Pumped Up Kicks.” Then there’s Lorde’s “Royals” that proves that the sensation’s voice can be handled by another. Mikayla Rose does the song just as much justice as Lorde. If you’re into pop music, check out Mikayla Rose. (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT3jhUlps3r5r0ZhjffoFug/videos)