MrGrumpy Wants You to Move

MrGrumpy ReviewMrGrumpy is electronica artist from Canada who brings the good times. “Epicology” builds up into this great dance track that makes you just want to keep things going all night. Lokka jumps on and helps out with “Into the Night.” This one slows things down at the start but then picks up soon after it begins. This one is more about creating a story thanks to the lyrics added. “Start Again” starts the party right away and doesn’t let up. It has this very cheery feel to it right from the get go. In “Colors” Cory Friesenhan hops on and together there is this great back and forth that creates more of an essence than a song. You get the sense that MrGrumpy is all about having a good time in every track, but that is definitely the case with “3 Mins of Happy.” You won’t be on that dance floor without a smile, that’s a guarantee. (