Edenn releases “Thinking” single

Edenn releases “Thinking” single

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Creeping out of the darkness that blankets the night sky and can make anyone feel like they’re all alone in the universe, Parisian rhythm doctor Edenn strikes a massive blow to loneliness in favor of a hallowed celebration of the majestic, awe-inspiring nature of love, kinship and eternal commitment in the song “Thinking,” his debut release and salutatory single to a world that it more than ready for his imaginative and resourceful blend of new era electro music and R&B. It doesn’t have the big guitar riffs of an arena rock song, or the gentle harps of church music, nor the twang and sizzle of a back porch country anthem or the frisky movement of salsa. But you know what “Thinking” has got? Heart.

Edenn tells us that he can’t stop thinking about us, his fans, his audience of lovesick followers in need of a shaman to remind us of who we are underneath the glaze of conditioned existence. It doesn’t feel like he’s making a crude gesture towards our wallets or is sneakily manipulating the sound and attack of some other artist out there who does it a little faster and a little more professionally than he does. Edenn comes off as the closest thing to an accessible king that his subjects could ask for, and it’s that wonderfully humble nature that really makes him so unique and different from any of the other artists trying to compete with him in the same medium right now. Some of the richest and most visibly successful artists in R&B are content to live in their ivory towers and only address their loyal fans when they’re trying to save face in a possibly career-ending (or at the bare minimum, social status or reputation-shattering) scandal that their publicist forces them to deal with. Edenn doesn’t want to be that kind of a star. He doesn’t even really strike me as someone who is all that hung up on being famous. I think, and go out on a limb with me on this one, that maybe Edenn really does just want to make a music for a sad, lonesome world that really needs someone to tell it that it’s cherished.
As much as our world needs love right now, we should really all be taking a page out of the “Thinking” playbook right now and focusing the bulk of our attention towards loving each other a lot more than we love ourselves. Generationally, we needed to get to the conversation about loving yourself, but now we’re past that. In our own self-absorption, spurred on by the likes of Instagram and Facebook (forgive the pun), we’ve forgotten that thinking about other people is what makes life so diverse. I don’t want to stay alone in my own head. I want to share in the experiences of the world with someone else, and I want that someone else to be the person that I never stop thinking about and dreaming about. In essence, I want the kind of love that Edenn is describing, and I’m sure that I’m not alone in that.

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Zachary Rush