Lauria – Losing Me

Lauria – Losing Me


After singing a Pop/Reggae fusion band, NewDayz, for about a year in 2016, one of Montreal’s best kept secrets, Lauria, released her fist single “Losing Me” to music fans around the world. Florie-Laure “Lauria” Zadigue Dubé is a unique singer/songwriter with a voice of gold that doesn’t quit on this marvelous track with just the right touches of style and class to win over Pop, Rock and Soul lovers. She comes with a musical background that started with watching local Montreal artists record in his basement studio, and she eventually started singing in the same band with her cousin.

Currently going to Concordia University, Lauria is now managed by her uncle, so it’s obvious that music runs in her family and this single is marks some of that surrounding chemistry with a vibrant ballad to kick start her career. She says that she’s always been happiest in the studio, and it goes to show on this track of absolute beauty. Low and behold she gives all and lets her great singing -voice do the talking on “Losing Me” which isn’t your every day average single. In fact, it holds much promise for a budding solo career and that’s just putting it very mildly where she’s concerned.

She wanted to create something can make others feel a tenth of what she feels during these moments when she is most inspired, no matter the genre, as she’s not into being designated to one style of music. Having said that it’s a straightforward approach on “Losing Me” as opposed to fusing genre’s together. It lands more on the Pop side of things but with it has loads of Soul and it’s perfect for slow dancing, among other laid-back activities including studying. Her voice is pure and honest with every word she sings, and the music carries the song right along with a slow and steady groove throughout.

This is essentially a piano-based tune with a message for anyone trying to control others in any way, as if to break away from a lover with too much obsession at the end of the day but it’s more about dealing with the hurt and pain so much it jeopardizes losing her, which the great lyrics embody on this fabulous track which can be picked up on in just one listen and takes you many places from there. It plays long without dragging on, and it’s an epic piece of music and words.

Not much else can be said about her as an artist but it’s all yet to come from this young singer with the chops to compete with the best in the business, but it’s a one step at a time process. It just comes on so strong you want to hear more and more from her, so it’s going to be interesting to see how far she goes to entertain fans as she grows and this debut single light’s the way. It’s magnificent to say the least and so is Lauria herself. Feel the pain and sorrow of “Losing Me” but also let it lift your soul.


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