Enjoy a Fresh and Original Approach to Music with Catchy Hip-Hop, Rap and Pop: Rising Band Tha Million Dollar Cliq Unveils New Singles

With their catchy and distinctive new releases, indie group Tha Million Dollar Cliq are enthusiastic to channel their passion for rap, hip-hop, and pop music into creating unique beats, while also introducing a captivating new video game and a must-have merchandise collection.

Owing Mills, Maryland – May 31st, 2021 – The indie group, Tha Million Dollar Cliq, is sending ripples through the musical scenes of Hip-Hop, Rap, and Pop. With catchy rap that paints pictures across intoxicating beats and pop rhythms that meld into Hip-Hop and Soul, Tha Million Dollar Cliq’s music is designed to shake the soul.
Tha Million Dollar Cliq merges together the talented, seasoned indie artists R-Jay (aka Eldorodo Regg), Shank Rock, and Big Lew, each of who have esteemed careers in the Hip-Hop music industry. Each group member brings an original style and fresh approach to the band’s music, which is evident in their latest releases, such as their EDM Remix of “We Party Different” and She Loving My Band$”.

Along with their exciting new releases, the band is thrilled to announce “The Million Dollar Thang: Vendetta”, a retro ‘beat’em up’ style video game, paying homage to classic video games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time, Streets of Rage and River City Girls. “Million Dollar Thang: Vendetta” introduces the new age heroes Eldorodo Regg, Shank Rock, Big Lew, and more as they kick butt in different cities in the USA, invoking many legendary beat’em up game designs. This thrilling new game is developed by Milestone Media Ent and published by VolumeTV Publishing and will be available for download in June 2021.

Similarly, another must-have this year is the Million Dollar Thang merchandise that the group has carefully designed for their fans to represent their favorite band while also appearing trendy and fashionable.

There is more yet for fans to look forward to; Tha Million Dollar Cliq artist Shank Rock is currently completing his script for the group’s upcoming new movie titled “Million Dollar Thang” in which the character ‘Heavy’, played by Lew Bags, is on his way to becoming a known musician while making sure he avoids the pitfall of his past that haunts him and his goals.

Check out Tha Million Dollar Cliq’s new music, video game, and merchandise and learn more about them on the links below and/or reach out via the contact information for interviews, collaborations, or promotional access.





Tha Million Dollar Cliq has worked with many types of artists and produced various quality records ranging from Hip-Hop to Gospel to Baltimore Club, to EDM to KPop to Country music. With their dynamic range of musical expertise, they are able to work in any musical realm. They have hosted multiple music conferences in the Maryland and North Carolina areas and have been on the Heatseekers Billboard Charts multiple times.



Name: Tha Million Dollar Cliq
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