Ethan Harvey Sings the Tropics

ethan-harvey-reviewEthan Harvey is a California born singer who now resides in Texas but you’d swear he was somewhere a little more tropical. “Gratitude” throws you a curveball. Without knowing this guy was all about the Rasta…the intro gives off the impression that he’s just your basic singer/songwriter. Nope, he has that island feel in his music. That one’s a bit passionate while “Took It Away” comes at you soft but then gets a bit hardcore. It’s about those girls in your life who are just no good for you. When it comes to “Destiny By Chance” you can do nothing but smile as the musical delight. It’s easygoing and like a relaxed day. The same can be said of “I See Your Pain,” only this one has more to it than a soft spoken tale. If you like singer songwriters with a reggae twist, then you have to do yourself a favor and check out Ethan Harvey’s jams before you do anything else. (