Shiloh Sings with Thought

Shiloh Mudundulu ReviewShiloh does a great job at questioning the world and putting it to song. “Is the World Coming to an End?” is a well constructed piano driven piece that strikes a chord with those into deeper thoughts about their surroundings. When you get to “Without a Flashlight” you get a better feel for who Shiloh is as a vocalist. You can hear her soul a little more and her vibrato. She showcases a little more youthful vibe with “Miracle.” It has a bit of a pep in its step. That style continues with “My Good Friend,” although it’s not as peppy as the last. Then you get a life lesson with “Money, Money, Money” and how it isn’t as great as one would think. If you like singer songwriters that holds a since of soul and maturity while still maintaining a youthful tint, then check out Shiloh music today. (