Eve of Release, The One Man Show

eve-of-release-reviewEve of Release may sound like a full band, but it’s one man making the varying styles on one record. “Divine” is a nice pop song that falls into the pop that’s more on the Vh1, singer/songwriter like pop that’s similar to Train or Gavin Degraw. “The Great Beyond” is a more serious side of Eve of Release. Then you have “Feeling March” which is somewhere between the two previously mentioned ones. It’s not this uber-upbeat song but it’s not the most somber toned track either. “Speedball and Chain” picks up the pace for Eve of Releases music as a whole. You can hear a rock influence in this one with the heavier guitars, but never fear — they never overpower the vocals. Before I clicked “Sentimental Keepsake” I assumed it’d be a love song of sorts. Then it started out like the opening scene of Phantom of the Opera or something. The drama was dark and the lyrics followed suit. If you’re into music that would be heard on AC radio despite its varying styles, check out Eve of Release. (https://www.eveofrelease.com/)