Claude Zanetsie Keeps It Gentle

claude-zanetsie-reviewClaude Zanetsie is a singer originally from Douala- Cameroon who now resides in Washington D.C. He creates songs that are delicate to the touch that have a big soul. “True Friend” is a beautiful and sentimental and might remind music fans of something that’d come from a modern day Lionel Richie in the ways of “Hello.” Claude Zanetsie takes a turn with “Let’s Celebrate/Song of Victory” to showcase a different side of what he can do. It’s just a beat, but a dance beat that’s very unlike the soft side we just heard. This one has more of a club feel. “Heartbeat” takes it back to where we began with Zanatsie. He has this whisper to his delivery that, even though is soft, comes off like a strong wind. To wrap it up Claude Zanetsie takes on one of the biggest songs from the 2013 year — The Luminers “Ho Hey.” Claude Zanetsie is a singer/songwriter who can produce heartfelt tracks that touch you in an instant. If you’re into singers that have a sense of soul, check out Claude Zanetsie. (