Charles Fears Jr Rises Above

Charles Fears Jr has known what he was meant to do since the day he was made. He didn’t let any hardships keep him from realizing his dream and diving head first into music and spreading the word of the Lord through song. “Child of God” starts out with a sermon and then goes into a modern Gospel song. It’s upbeat and has a lot of spirit in  while still having that R&B flare. “Only One Way” is about Charles Fears Jr’s dedication to the Lord and sounds beautiful the whole way through. His gift is his vocals and the man upstairs gave him that gift. “Alright” has this positive outlook on the whole idea of life, a life that allows God to enter. “Warning” is another upbeat one, well this one’s more mid-tempo and possibly the best of the bunch. If you’re a believer and love modern Gospel, check out Charles Fears Jr. (

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