URL: http://www.voxmirage.com/

This is a Seattle based alternative rock group with synth-pop and modern electronica mixed with jazz and dance beats. Mike Streng leads this duo on their first album, recorded in Paris by Ken Stringfellow and mastered at Abby Road Studios. It features thirteen well written and delivered tracks, which all shine with originality, within their influences, which range from R.E.M to Depeche Mode and others which rock in their own way. The mood is established in the intro cut, which breaks into “All I Want Is You,” with a lot of guitar and synthesizer. This is mostly pop driven but with a hard edge to its advantage, even though the vocals are pretty light with only the chorus to take it up a level. And that more or less stays the same on “I Can’t Take It Anymore Than This” with a better vocal attack going for it this time, but mostly turning out the same type of song. “Hold On” isn’t quite as strong as the previous two, but it does get better with “Never Go Away” being a strong contender for overall best quality to be found on the CD. This is where bands like The Killers can be detected but with a more orthodox way in its pop sensibility. Next they go a little more alternative on “She’s Going Away” and it’s a smooth result as well. I like this as much as anything to be heard from in every way, it’s one of the best indeed. Then it’s “Want Me Too” and “Just A Fool” and they both work together very well, as do the rest. They get really slinky on track 9, “Just For Tonight” adding piano and horn arranged throughout. It’s a classy point that helps make it all come together. The vocals shine as well as any other place on the disc here. They even throw in a cover of the Lindsey Buckingham classic “Go Insane” with a great version of it. This is no way disgraces the original, doing it justice all the way if you ask me, and it helps render the whole thing a winning set with me, adding that finishing touch. The other high points can be found with “On I Go With You” which does have its moments, especially the 80s influence, and also the final track “I Know What Scares You,” both of which please very well. I also notice how all of the guitars, vocals and keyboards turn in equally dazzling performances. There is no dominance from either, they actually even out too well to complain. They go everywhere from Radiohead to Brit-pop and back on this grand effort of a debut. You will rock back and forth to the guitars and swing to the keys and percussion of this band, and be left wanting nothing but more. It’s refreshing the way they do this. I’m impressed, we need more popping up like this, and as long as they do music stands a better chance going forth. These tracks are well written and played all over the place, blending styles without leaning too heavily one way or the other, which they display an amazing knack for. The blending of electronica and horns is done with style and finesse, keeping it together all the more. Voxmirage have that something missing in today’s landscape for sure, which they seem to fill all holes with.

Buy CD: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/all-i-want-is-you/id895260564?i=895260579

Scott Prinzing

Score: 9/10