Rock and roll is dead. That´s what many music enthusiasts and academics are everyday coming to a conclusion. The fact that genres like Country or Folk are gaining some success really come as a surprise for me and is something I can´t really explain how it all started. On the other hand, of course, by the last century we already knew electronica will finds it place and define this whole new millennium as TV shows and Movies where all promoting this music made of loops and ¨futuristic beats¨.

However, and getting back to the Rock topic, while more rock bands that are in the scene for the money and so the thing that defined this genre no longer does it -which is kinda both good news but also bad-, there´s still hope thanks to bands like Sirens that by adding some interesting music layers and blending their music with other genres, find the way to give a new and exciting fresh touch to an already old sound.

Their new album The Tow kicks off with ¨Swan´s Tale¨ and the simple guitar riffs blended with the haunting vocals by both their male and female vocalists. ¨Dr. Saint¨, a song about a man who claims to be a good person but its actions tells another thing, has this really catchy rock riffs that fits so well with the theme and song. Reminiscent of bands like Cold, Seether and Fuel every song in this album are really entertaining and it also have some great lyrics which is something the genre and overall music scene is missing so bad these days.

Like I said, this is a very heavy and awesome album though at the same time it´s kinda disappointing as you listen through the other tracks as the first single gave me perhaps a wrong perception or high expectations of the whole album therefore I was expecting something more epic and not so generic as this album sometimes falls into. The good thing is that not all the tracks sound exactly the same and I really enjoyed some of the arrangements but maybe –and this is my opinion- if they instead of going for this hard rock generic riffs and vibe they kept some of that intro elements into the rest of the songs, I am really positive this album would have been more interesting.

Overall, leaving the critic in the paragraph above, I am really sure many rock and not rock fans would really dig this band and their music. Definitely something radio and TV networks will easily also enjoy which is really good news for that band. I really see a bright future for this band.


Rating: 8.5/10

by RJ Frometa