Rise Up with Nicole Barron

Nicole Barron ReviewNicole Barron has the voice of someone who could tour alongside Sarah Mclaughlin and Alanis. She has heart and soul in every word she sings, but she’s doing it for more than fame – for the lord. “It’s You I Choose” is a beautifully deep track that hits you as soon as the first note escapes. She continues that beauty in her vocals with “Children of Peace.” You can instantly hear this music on Christian radio waves everywhere, as well as in front of a very lucky congregation. Barron has a wholesome voice that was meant to be doing what she’s set her life up to do. From this point things have been very soulful, but with “Walk With Me,” she does something a little different and gets a bit funky with things as she makes it more modern sounding and it has this nightclub vibe to it. We get back to the Barron that moves us though with “Eyes of Love.” There’s something sweet and sentimental about what she’s able to do with her lyrics and delivery. It’s uplifting and moving all at the same time. If you’re a fan of Christian music but also love those females who can do wonders vocally, check out Nicole Barron today. (https://nicolebarron.com/)

One thought on “Rise Up with Nicole Barron

  • Having heard Nicole over the years I’m always enriched by listening to her powerful, gritty and sincere voice. She is at her best when she simply let’s her voice and lyrics speak to listeners as it resonates for everyone on some level. Nicole can croon with the best… and her message is full of hope… we need more of this!

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