The Dark Side of Electronic Music with Digibilly

Digibilly ReviewDigibilly takes electronic music to the dark side. First up is the heart pounding ways of “Atarti Teenage Riot.” It definitely sounds like a song you’d head in a sci-fi movie when something was going down. It’s got a lot of energy in the music, but is calmed by the monologue throughout. With “Gun Machine” it never lets up. You’ll be pumping the whole night with this one playing while your mind is taken to a post-apocalyptic world. Carolyn Thorn hops on to help out with “J is for Joker.” Here it’s like an old school video game meets today. You can see your character going from level to level in a hurry as you try your best to rack up the points. Usually we all know what to expect with “Happy Birthday,” not with Digibilly. He takes the traditional and does his own interpretation with it and leaves nothing of what you thought it’d be. We hear a lot of animosity in “Filthadelphia.” It’s not one to listen to if Philly is your hometown, which is ironic because that’s where he’s from, so it’s likely in good fun. In “AMDF” we’re back to the light ways of Digibilly and it’s a better place to be. All in all, if you’re a fan of electronic music that can be a bit dark, check out  Digibilly today. (