Get in the Zone with Von Demetriz

Von Demetriz ReviewVon Demetriz turns up the sexual tension with her take on R&B. “Illegal Love” starts with a bit of intimidation, but once Von comes in things get right. You’re welcomed with a soulful vocal performance and feel every word she sings. Moving on to “Can’t Get Enough,” we get more of a track that one can move to. It’s like something you’d hear alongside a Ciara track on a playlist. As we roll on to “Don’t Want Love” we get another one to groove a bit too. Von Demetriz never leaves the R&B by the wayside. She always has a firm grasp on her sultry delivery. With “Ride” it’s all about making love and it’s one that’s sure to get things started in the bedroom instantaneously. In “Ocean Front” it’s a little odd at first just because we don’t hear a lot of love songs with ocean imagery. It ends up working well though. Things take a sexy turn with “Strip Tease” and wrap up nicely with “In My Zone.” If you’re a fan of artists like Ciara and Keri Hilson, check out Von Demetriz now. (