Cody Lyons: The Songs of Ben Romano

Cody Lyons ReviewCody Lyons’ “The Songs of Ben Romano” is all about time. “Memories of the 21st Century” has a lighthearted feel to it. It has a very ‘70s vibe to it, like the kids of The Brady Bunch would be into it. “Than Came The Year 2000” showcases that same idea, and it’s clear that Cody loves to sing about time and whatnot. That’s very clear with “The First War of the 21st Century.” While the other two have more of a folk style, this one does as well but also plays like a light Country track. It’s not honky tonk, but has that very strong America aroma to it. If you’re a fan of artists like John Denver, check out Cody Lyons’ “The Songs of Ben Romano,” out now. (