Theresa Goldberga Mcdonald Gets a Little Royal

Theresa-Goldberga-Mcdonald-reviewTheresa Goldberga Mcdonald is an artist who embodies one of the greats but still does things her way. “Shining Like a Diamond” sounds like Prince. The vocals have that high yet smooth appeal to them. They’re like sexy and 80’s inspired. The vocals weren’t going to change, so you get that same idea in “Get Up Again.” Only this time around she is a little more R&B and less upbeat. It’s a slow song to groove to. “Let The Healing Begin” has that same slow song vibe, but this one is more in the inspirational level. It turned into a religious based song and that’s the route that Theresa Goldberga Mcdonald should travel with her music — it’s where she truly shines most. If you like Prince, God and music…check out Theresa Goldberga Mcdonald. (