Shadee Rashada Continues to Make Soul Cool

Shadee-Rashada-reviewShadee Rashada is a jazz/soul singer from California who brings it cool. “Say So” is a soothing song that plays on the idea of relaxation in a cool time and place. “What Kind of Fool” relies on Shadee’s soulful voice laced between easygoing music that’s comforted by the ivory sounds. “Good Guys” also has that same feel, but is slightly more upbeat and has a monologue and message to it. “Hey You!” isn’t as startling as the title leads you to believe. It’s a fine line of music when dealing with Shadee Rashada. He creates modern Jazz and soul music that one can tell is heavily influenced by the best of those genres the 70’s had to offer. If you like that, check out Shadee Rashada. (