Matt Hannah


Artist: Matt Hannah

CD: Let the Lonely Fade

One Sheet:

Americana artists often offer listeners something that is very genuine and can be awe-inspiring. Minnesota based singer / songwriter Matt Hannah fits well into this category with his latest release entitled Let the Lonely Fade (Gammie Records).

Former frontman of NYC-based three-piece rock band Escape Key, singer-songwriter Matt Hannah went acoustic in 2011 and recorded his debut album Let the Lonely Fade in the second bedroom of his new home in Minneapolis, MN. With contributions on pedal steel from Zydeco Ziggie, Let the Lonely Fade weaves the straightforward melody of classic country with distinct bitter-sweet atmosphere. Strongly influenced by traditional songwriters like Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle, and Townes Van Zandt, Matt Hannah is creating music that disregards modern artifice and goes straight for the real thing—the earnest folk Americana we’ve been waiting for.

For me the as I listened to this CD probably 3-4 times the journey keeps on and the passion remains. His rather simplistic, under bearing musical personality, infectious style, insurmountable talent and zest for life make this second CD an absolute pleasure to listen to on lazy days with nothing on the agenda. Track 1 “Bigger that the Ocean” and Track 2: my favorite piece “Long Way to Drive” and “1000 Miles” start things off with an amazing blend classic stark folk that’s ideal. This is especially true now that the summer is winding down and as the leaves are beginning to fall. Some songs have a sad but true overtone with a real ring of truth to them. Next up, “Midnight Hurt” is a mostly blues-inspired song with true conviction about how our perceptions about life cannot change, as the lyrics teeter on brilliant. “Run River Run” is a smooth flowing ballad comparable to a river in many ways highlights Hannah’s tranquil side, but stays strong with his powerful vocals and impeccable playing. I especially like how many song on this 10 track collection build and are painfully simple yet amazing nonetheless. Lastly, “Lonesome Tune” wave you in for a safe landing thus ending this incredible CD on hopeful notes. I especially liked the harmonizing melodies, memorable lyrics, and that glorious singer / songwriter persona that we can’t get enough of. Musical comparables for me include Billy Currington, Strand of Oaks, Golden Smog, Ryan Adams, Jesse Malinand, Jack Johnson. I do however wish there were say 5 more track on this CD. It’ almost feels like an EP.

Let the Lonely Fade by Matt Hannah is also mixed with some lighter rock and pop. After listening to Let the Lonely Fade by Matt Hannah it is very clear that his talents are far beyond what anyone could have imagined, and, simply put, this guy is a pure genius with his musical craft.


Brian Dameron. Approved by Cyrus Rhodes