Keith Walker’s Country Heart

keith walker reviewThank goodness Keith Walker stumbled upon a certain Tim McGraw song because after that he said, “For the first time I saw the power of country music, and how true to life it really is. I was hooked.” “I Know A Corner” is an upbeat  County song that really gets you up and going while “Miles From You” slows things down and showcases the heart of this lover boy. What I like about “Firewater” is that the bit of swag it has going on in the delivery – it’s all in how Walker is pacing his self with it. It makes for a different listening experience and style from him while keeping it Country cool. I grew up loving Garth Brooks so songs like “Home To Me” have always been some of my favorite. I love the storytelling and emotion in this genre and that’s something you don’t get in other styles, well not as much as you get in a Country track. Keith Walker is a good ol’ boy with his feet planted deep in his musical roots and he can only go up from here. So check out Keith Walker if you’re into artists like Luke Bryan and Tim McGraw. (