Saint Sebastian Drops An All-Star Filled Debut

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Ashland, Oregon – February 4, 2020 – Representing the indie rock scene of the Pacific Northwest, Saint Sebastian is proud to present their debut EP ‘Melancholy Breakdown.’ Included in the handful of tracks are their newest single “Centipede Girl” and their film festival multi-award-winning single, “Down (Don’t Let the Bastards Grind You Down).”

Saint Sebastian is a debut solo project fronted by songwriter and vocalist, Greg Goebelt, with a sound that can be described as “melody with melancholy” backed by a “rock-solid beat,” and firmly in the alternative/indie rock genre. And while this is technically a solo project, Goebelt was not alone in bringing this EP to life. He collected an impressive group of guest musicians to create a memorable debut EP for 2020 including Guitar and bass by Jeff Pevar (David Crosby, Marc Cohn, Jefferson Starship); drums by Shay Godwin (Andra Day, The Dirty Diamond); guitar, production, mixing, and backing vocals by Bret Levick (acclaimed producer/songwriter); and soundscaping/synth on the song Down by Brent Daniels (composer for Sony, Fox, HBO, and Paramount).

On top of all the guest star musicians, ‘Melancholy Breakdown’ features a unique, distinct and identifiable sound that’s paired with strong melodic guitar hooks that stick to listeners’ musical memory. Songs include driving rock-solid bass and drums, and thick, crunchy guitars and vocal hooks with a hint of mid-60s pop-psychedelic bridges. The defining musicality of the ‘80s and ‘90s are pulled together by songwriter and vocalist, Greg Goebelt’s smooth, buoyant voice and lyrics that ride the songs through a visual vocal landscape. Cross between Dinosaur Jr., Wilco, and The Killers.

Lyrically, this record was born out of Goebelt’s downward spiral into despair and depression while struggling with a very aggressive auto-immune disease that took him, his marriage, and his life up to the dark edge. It’s the story of the fall, the pain, and the climb back from the breakdown. Each song is different, driving, emotional, and all share the same great production.

‘Melancholy Breakdown’ is available for purchase through Saint Sebastian’s official website, Amazon, and CD Baby. It will also be distributed to 320 national AAA/college radio stations, and to top streaming services – Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, YouTube and more.

Those interested in adding new rock to their playlists, reviewing ‘Melancholy Breakdown,’ or interviewing Greg Goebelt can reach out via the information provided below.

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Indie alt-rockers Saint Sebastian dropped their debut ‘Melancholy Breakdown’ in January 2020 which features the new single, “Centipede Girl,” “Libertine,” and their film festival multi-award-winning single, “Down (Don’t Let the Bastards Grind You Down).”

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