Evil’s Child back in the studio to follow up on first chart topping single

Virginia Beach, Virginia — The North American Hard rock band Evil’s Child is back in the studio. They are working on a follow up to their first release, “The Passion Of The Gods”, the title track to the soundtrack, for the animated feature film of the same name.

Evil’s Child’s first release came out on September 6th of this year Worldwide. The band had not planned to go back into the studio until late November. The response to the first single has been so positive, Jason Goodby and Jon Raven, the founding members of Evil’s Child were inspired to start recording again ahead of schedule.

After seeing statements like this one from FOX 43 WTNZ, “Rock music is at the heart and soul of the music industry, particularly because of iconic, legendary bands that have come and gone in the past, finessing the art of hardcore rock, and leaving behind huge shoes to fill. The rising rock band ‘Evil’s Child’ is new to the rock music scene, and they possess the quality and charisma to initiate a legacy that will have their fans remember them as the greatest modern rock band.”, the band felt an irresistible urge to get back to recording.

“The response from our awesome fans and the incredible things said about us in the press just inspired Jon and me to jump right back into recording!”, Jason Goodby.

For the music video for the band’s first release, they went with high-end 3D animation. Jon Raven a founding member of Evil’s Child, and the Director for “The Passion Of The Gods” movie had this to say, “Animation is such a cool way to tell a story. Anything that can be imagined can be produced for the fans to enjoy. It takes storytelling with music and visuals to a whole different level!”.

The new song Evil’s Child is working on is hard-hitting with screaming guitars, bruising bass lines, pounding drums and passionate vocals. The music video for this will also be animated. Jason Goodby summed up the bands’ feelings, “Between production for the film, music, a video game for the brand and all the other things we have going on, Jon and I really thought we would need time to recharge the batteries after the first single dropped. Then overnight the response we received from the media, and most importantly the fans recharged us. If the fans want more now, we are going to give them more now!”.

The band is thrilled at all that is happening. Check out all that is happening with Evil’s Child and “The Passion Of The Gods” movie at https://www.thepassionofthegods.com





Evil’s Child is a hard rock, North American band; which was formed late spring of 2021. Unlike most bands there was a fanbase and demand for music and video content prior to the band even having a name.

The founding members Jason Goodby, and Jon Raven have an animated feature film in production called “The Passion Of The Gods” which already has over 100,000 followers and likes on Facebook! The Passion Of The Gods | Facebook

As more fans began to follow “The Passion Of The Gods”, there were also those who called the characters and imagery Satanic; or evil. Many of the posts by these people resulted in some lively banter between the hardcore fans of “The Passion Of The Gods” and those who felt Jason Goodby and Jon Raven were the devil incarnate. So when it was decided a band would be formed the name “Evil’s Child” came from the post on Facebook.

Jon Raven is an entertainment industry veteran with over 40 years of experience. For more on Jon, his website is https://www.jonraven.rocks/. Though Jason Goodby is new to showbiz; his talent and imagination as well as a genuine love of the fans has won people over from around the world.


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