Exciting new rock band The Avondales!

Exciting new rock band The Avondales!The Avondales
Upstate New York, a place known for being close to Canada, cold weather, and not much else. Well watch work, Syracuse is giving music an exciting new rock band The Avondales. When I say new I mean it in every sense of the word because the band formed in December 2011. Meaning, they haven’t even been together a year. Nonetheless, the songs they have created are promising. Ranging from 16 to 20; Zac, Vince, Devan, and C.J are mixing rock with pop, classic rock, indie, punk, and everything in between. They are not limiting themselves and are maturing with the music they create.

“Find My Way” is a captivating song that will fascinate their young fans as they can relate to being a rebel, not being able to take their own advice, and acting on impulse. The chorus provides the perfect lyric for their young life “I hope one day that I find my way. I think a little too much and thats a problem these days acting on ambition is not my forte making a decision might take a few days.” The groovy song “Put It All Back” will make you want bob your head with its catchy drum beat and bass lines.

The Avondales are playing shows through out New York this year and we can only wish them the best. Starting a band so young isn’t the easiest and if they can put out music sounding this good, with hard work and passion they will have success in their career.

Written by Latanya Donaldson